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Connecting with people romantically, emotionally, and physically is really amazing. But there's a lot of work that goes into building a good relationship. What are some tips for having a great relationship? How do you know if your relationship is healthy? How can I make my relationship better? This page has some great articles and stories about relationships.

Eleven signs she'll never marry you

1. Every time you talk about your future together, she smiles and nods. And then asks you to pass the salt. Or worse, you've been dating for over a year and the future has never come up once.

Make him want to be exclusive with you

Is it getting to the point where you need to have “the talk” with the guy you’re dating?  

The 4 qualities your soul mate needs to have

Time Magazine recently reported on a conception many of us have: "That good marriages and relationships are based on finding our soul mate or our perfect one." This expectation is shaped by society's focus on physical attraction and messages from our friends, family and our favourite television shows, none of which are actually true concerning a long, committed and successful marriage full of long-lasting love.

8 Ways you're using condoms wrong

1. You used the wrong kind. Words like novelty or for entertainment purposes mean it's not FDA-approved. Latex is best, or polyurethane if you're allergic.

11 Signs you're dating a boy and not a man

1. A man pays for dinner if he asks you out. And if you asked him out, he at least makes the gesture to pay.

Ebola virus can persist in semen for months

When the only way to get an often fatal disease is through contact with body fluids, it makes good sense to be very careful about sexual partners and practices. But since Ebola victims can infect others only when they are showing symptoms -- high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and aches -- physical intimacy probably isn't a common way of transmitting the disease.

12 Signs your boyfriend is your best friend

1. You'd rather spend a night hanging out on the couch with him than have a girls' night. Doing nothing with him almost always winds up being better than anything else.

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John Boakye: Will you accept a cheating lover?

Today, undoubtedly the biggest problem in all relationships is cheating, which is  indecent association, including sex, with someone of the opposite sex other than your lover.

Four signs he will not commit

Many years ago, I had an acquaintance who was engaged to a young woman for five years, but the time was never right for marriage. Then one day, he was walking down the street and bumped into a friend, who introduced him to someone new. Within five months, he married that person.

20 Signs he's in love with you

1. He looks up the movie you've been waiting to see and surprises you with a date night. He might not want to see it, but he knows all the show times in a five mile radius.

John Boakye: Will you stay for your children?

Marriage is not a place for a party or where you live happily for ever.

This couple spends over $30,000 to have threesomes with sex dolls

Before Dave Hockey met Shawna Bigelow, he thought the only "love" he'd ever know would be the love of a sex doll. He wanted to meet live women as well but when he told them about the dolls he kept in his basement, they were always freaked out. Then he met Bigelow .

Ten Types of breakups you go through in your 20s

1. The Ghost Breakup. You went out a few times, talked all the time at one point, and then all of a sudden you never hear from them again and you start to believe they were a ghost the entire time and maybe you should check into a psych ward because they clearly never existed.

9 Lies every woman tells after sex

1. "That was the best!"

And sometimes it is. But most of the time it was just OK or pretty good, but I'm really happy you seemed to be having such a cool time! I, on the other hand, have compiled this list of notes I took while I was waiting for it to be over, if you'd like to see them for future reference.

Ten Reasons he hasn't asked you out yet

1. He's really hoping you'll make a move first. He might like you a lot, but he's too shy, introverted, or scared to say anything. Maybe he doesn't know how. It's possible (don't laugh) that he's never asked a girl out. Every time you spend time together, he's crossing his fingers hoping you'll just grab him and start making out with him.

14 Signs your boyfriend is amazing in bed

1. He always makes sure you come first. Like literally. And when you do come, it's some The Notebook type shit but it's happening to you for real and you can't even believe it.

House helps: builders or destroyers?

In the past, many wives were homemakers. They stayed at home to take care of the home and the family. Today, however, with the biting economic pressure, most families can’t afford this luxury.

The top 4 things single men are looking for in a relationship

If you're single and wondering what the hell eligible men are really looking for in a partner, here's some good news: It's probably a lot simpler than you think.

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