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Things elegant ladies never wear
Elegant women typically avoid overly casual clothing such as sweat pants or torn jeans, in formal or upscale settings.

Things elegant ladies never wear

Elegance is often associated with a refined and tasteful sense of style. We all have some things we prefer to wear, however, there are certain items that many consider less elegant.


We bring some things that elegant ladies typically avoid wearing:

1.  ill-fitting clothing: Elegant ladies opt for clothing that fit well and flatter their body shape. Clothes that are too tight or too baggy can detract from a polished look.

2.  Excessive cleavage: Showing too much cleavage can be considered less elegant. An elegant lady typically prefers modest necklines. You don’t need to show your breasts to the whole world.

Excessive cleavage

3.  Overly revealing or see-through clothing: Elegant women tend to avoid clothing that is excessively revealing or without appropriate undergarments. These days it is common to see some ladies wearing lace fabrics that are see-through without any undergarments. This is not right.

4.  Logos and brand names: Wearing clothing with large, conspicuous logos or brand names can be seen as less refined.

5.  Excessive bling: Elegant ladies usually opt for understated, quality jewellery rather than flashy, oversized pieces. It is not everywhere that you can go wearing bling-bling.

Excessive bling

6.  Super high heels: Elegance is also about comfort and poise. Why wear super high heels when you know you can’t even walk in them or end up walking barefooted while you hold your heels in your hands?

7.  Overly casual attire: Elegant women typically avoid overly casual clothing such as sweat pants or torn jeans, in formal or upscale settings.

8.  Visible underwearElegant ladies make sure their underwears remain hidden. This includes avoiding visible panty lines, bra straps, and thongs peeking above clothing.

9.  Wrinkled or unkempt clothing: Maintaining a polished appearance often involves well-pressed, clean clothing. Wrinkled or dirty items can detract from an elegant look.

spiky shoes

Outdated or overly trendy clothing: Elegant women often choose classic, timeless pieces over overly trendy or outdated fashion. Classic styles tend to endure and maintain their elegance.

outdated outfits

11. Excessive make-up: Elegance often involves a natural, understated make-up look. Heavy or loud make-up can be seen as less refined.

12. Too many accessories: Elegant ladies usually opt for a few carefully chosen accessories rather than overloading their outfits with jewellery, scarves and other adornments.

excessive accessories

It's important to remember that elegance is a matter of personal style and culture, and these guidelines can vary depending on individual preferences and specific situations. What's most important is feeling comfortable and confident in your clothing choices while being mindful of the context and setting.

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