Pharmacist due in court for sedating, raping sister in-law

BY: From Alberto Mario Noretti, DZODZE

A PHARMACIST, Patrick Afun, who allegedly sedated his fiancée’s elder sister and had sex with her while she was unconscious, is due in court for rape.

The accused, who was then working at the St Anthony’s Hospital at Dzodze in the Volta Region, was said to have injected the victim with a cocktail of sedatives and another medication for the treatment of vaginal infection.

That was said to have rendered her weak and dizzy, before the accused took her clothes off and had sex with her.

Senior State Attorney in-charge of the Volta Region, Moses Asampoa, told The Mirror on Wednesday in Ho that the incident happened on March 22, 2019 in the evening, at the official residence of the pharmacist at the hospital after they had dinner prepared by the victim.

“The accused will be placed before the Dzodze Circuit Court later this month,” he said.

Awake naked
The Senior State Attorney said when the victim woke up naked and confused on the bed of the accused, who injected her earlier in the sofa in the living room, she asked the accused what had happened, whereupon he answered, “we had sex.”

The victim got up but fell down, before struggling to get up again.

She then asked where her clothes were but the accused refused to give them to her.

The woman then removed a new set of clothes from her bag to wear and then staggered out onto the compound of the hospital only to fall down again while calling a friend, who was a worker at the hospital, to come to her aid.

The friend turned up at the scene later and was joined by a security man at the hospital to help the victim back on her feet, before she was admitted.

After victim was treated and discharged, she went to the police station to report the matter.

That led to the arrest of the accused, who only admitted lacing the medication for the infection with a sedative, saying that was only to reduce the pain from the injection.

Mr Asampoa said although the pharmacist, who is now on bail, denied having sex with the victim, a medical examination on her confirmed the sex allegation.

The Senior State Attorney revealed that the victim was a pharmacy assistant----- trainee doing her internship at the hospital under the supervision of the accused at the time.

“So, she was staying with her would-be brother-in-law and only left for Aflao on Fridays to spend the weekend there with her family,”

According to him, the accused had earlier injected the victim with a dose of ceftriaxone for the infection, without any complication.

Second dose
As the victim was sleeping in the sofa, the accused woke her up and asked her to come over to the bedroom for the second dose which he had laced with the sedative without her knowledge, Mr Asampoa said.

It was on his bed that he allegedly raped the woman, he told The Mirror.
“This is a very serious case which cannot be swept under the carpet,” the Senior State Attorney insisted.

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