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Letters: Create awareness of dangers of self-medication
Antibiotics should always be bought with a prescription.

Letters: Create awareness of dangers of self-medication

Dear Editor, I have noticed that most people like to self-medicate which is not good.

Self-medication is the use of drugs without a doctor’s consent.

People are fond of taking drugs that are not prescribed by doctors whenever they are sick. These drugs are mostly bought from the pharmacy, at the market and in other places.

 Most parents give these drugs to their children when they are sick. Although there are over-the-counter drugs that one can purchase without a prescription, some drugs such as antibiotics require a prescription from a doctor. Such drugs purchased without a prescription can cause a lot of harm to the body when it is administered.

Over-the-counter drugs are only used as first aid but if the condition worsens the person should be advised to see a doctor.

There is the need for a monitoring team to go to pharmacy shops to keep an eye on their activities so that they don’t sell certain drugs without a prescription. People should also be educated on the dangers of self-medication.

 Kwabena Abankwah, Accra


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