Auntie Betty: How can I be a good student?

BY: Junior Graphic

Dear Auntie Betty, I am in Class Five. How can I be a good student?

Please help me.

Worried Pupil.


Dear Worried Pupil, The reason you are in school is to study. Education is very important and every child has a right to education.

Education is the key to a bright future. It will help you fulfil your dreams and ambitions. So I am glad that at this young age, you want to be a good student.

The earlier you start studying hard, the better it will be for you because as you progress on the academic ladder, and things become tough, you already have a good foundation.

Do talk to your parents about this and I believe they will do all they can to help you succeed.

But it all depends on you too — you only have to be determined to study hard - pay attention in class (if there is something or someone preventing you from paying attention, let your teacher or parents know); ask questions in class when you do not understand what is being taught and read widely. You have to be disciplined, punctual, courteous and obey school rules and regulations.

However, it is not only about studying but you also have to make time for things you are interested in, outside the classroom. Engaging in leisure activities will also improve your health, mental, self-confidence and interpersonal skills.

All the best.