Celebrating departed mothers on Mother’s Day

BY: Vicky Wireko

Another year, another opportunity to celebrate all mothers the world over. The sweet aroma of mothers, young and old, is everywhere.

Traditionally, we have been used to celebrating physically with mothers near and far. We are used to, each year, remembering all the love they have shared and continue to share with their children. 

On Mother’s Day, as we witnessed yesterday, one tends to show appreciation to a mother, biological or guardian, through many ways. Taking them out for a meal has become a preferred treat in recent times. 

However, with COVID-19 still raging, one wonders if special family outings to celebrate mothers in the family still happened.

Nonetheless, this year, I want to shift the focus on the living and celebrate all mothers who have departed this life to be with their Maker.

I am particularly celebrating two dear mothers I have lost in the last few weeks. My biological mother, Odehyie Elizabeth, passed on a couple of weeks ago while my adopted sweet spiritual mother, Auntie Cecilia, went ahead some three weeks ago.

Given the opportunity I have had over the years to know them both and love them so dearly, I really feel a genuine sense of deep loss on another Mother’s Day. The reality of any physical contact to mark the special day with them just slipped between my fingers.   


The huge vacuum felt by the many that have lost a mother for so many years now has become my lot today. And so on this occasion, I deeply commiserate with everyone who has lost a mother.

I want to stretch out my hand and with a virtual hug, closely bond with them on this Mother’s Day. 

Our mothers are not here with us physically but they still remain and will forever be at the top of our minds and at the centre of our hearts.

Today, as my mother rests peacefully in eternity, I have been going through some of her albums and reflecting on the good days we had together as a family. 

Somehow, I had always taken it for granted that even at age 90, I was going to have her forever. 

I could go two days without calling her because I knew she was always there. I could even predict the things that filled her day and the foods she had been served with.  Mother’s Day is just here and so I have picked up the phone to call her twice just to hear her voice and say “Happy Mother’s Day”. 

The phone rings but she would not pick it up. That is the reality of the physical presence or not, of a mother’s love.  


As I continue to receive calls and messages of condolences from friends and loved ones home and abroad on the loss of my dear mother, one thing has become clear. The common thread running through all the messages is one undeniable fact that losing a mother, no matter what age, is painful.

A mother is the only person one feels at home with when it comes to pouring out one’s heart. 

She is the only person one can download and upload all secrets under the sun to and gossip without bounds knowing she will not betray you. 

She understands you when everyone else is against you. A mother shares your sorrows and your joys. 

As for the encouragement to move up and up, she is the only one who will give the genuine urge with no undertones.

So, when death snatches such a soulmate from you, one can feel it and sense it in the bones. It is a true case of a valuable relationship that has been truncated.


So on this Mother’s Day, I celebrate my mother Elizabeth, my Auntie Cecilia and all mothers who have passed away into glory, no matter how long ago. 

Yes, Heaven has gained great angels with their departure and we here on earth, though mourning in black, and deep down in our hearts, we are celebrating and remembering the good times we spent together with them when they were here with us on earth.

Happy Mother’s day to mother Elizabeth and Auntie Cecilia wherever they are. 

The biggest of all the dedications goes to all departed mothers who have been called to glory.  

We celebrate you with loads of love.    


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