One of the tree crops
One of the tree crops

Tree Crop Development Authority salutes farmers

As Ghana prepares to celebrate the National Farmers Day tomorrow, on the theme: “Delivering smart solutions for sustainable food security and resilience”, the spotlight on tree crops farming becomes even more significant. 

This annual event serves as a momentous occasion to honour the dedication and hard work of our gallant farmers and recognise their pivotal role in sustaining the country's economic development.

Against this backdrop, the focus on tree crops takes centre stage, showcasing the remarkable contributions of our farmers by embracing these green treasures.

The Tree Crops Development Authority (TCDA) wishes to use this occasion to reiterate its commitment to the development and regulation of tree crops, namely coconut, oil palm, cashew, shea, rubber and mango, which aligns seamlessly with the framework of the National Export Development Strategy and the aspirations of the National Farmers Day.

Our commitment reflects a strategic vision for the future, where these tree crops not only contribute substantially to the nation's wealth, jobs, and food security but also adhere to sustainable and innovative farming practices.

The symbiotic relationship between National Farmers Day and the TCDA underscores a collective commitment to ensuring the prosperity and well-being of Ghana's agricultural community.

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As the celebrations unfold, the success stories of farmers cultivating these six tree crops will undoubtedly take centre stage. 

The authority's dedication to supporting actors through regulatory and developmental initiatives ensures that the benefits of tree crop farming are equitably distributed, fostering an inclusive and thriving agricultural sector.

 Thus, National Farmers Day becomes a moment of reflection and a celebration of the resilience, ingenuity and prosperity that tree crop farming brings to Ghana's agricultural landscape.

In the spirit of the National Farmers Day, let us acknowledge and celebrate the gallant men and women who, with their hands in the soil and hearts dedicated to sustainable agriculture, are transforming the narrative of Ghana's farming legacy. 

The commitment of the TCDA adds a layer of assurance that the cultivation of coconut, oil palm, cashew, shea, rubber and mango will not only continue to grow on Ghanaian soil but will also flourish as pillars of economic stability, environmental sustainability and agricultural innovation.

The writer is the Public Affairs Officer of TCDA

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