Assassin in the Lord’s temple?

Assassins like the man who shot President John F. Kennedy of the US in 1963 are not people who could just pull the trigger. They are experts in their trade.

They have certain basic characteristics. They are cold, firm in their resolve, emotionally stable, unremorseful and whether driven by an internal force or contracted, they execute their assignment and care less about the consequences.

Fortunately, such phenomenon as political assassination is not common in our part of the world maybe because we fear to die as a consequence or we prefer to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We instead launch verbal assaults on our opponents or indulge in mud-slinging, better known as character assassination which very often goes unpunished.

So it came to pass that a man called Charles Antwi was found with a loaded gun in a church where the President of the Republic and other dignitaries frequent to worship. We were told the man’s suspicious demeanour made him out. That it too

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