The beauty of bargaining

One distinguishing feature of trading activities in our local markets is bargaining.

It begins with a trader offering her product or produce for a price.

The buyer counters it with her own offering price.

The negotiation can go on for minutes in a very interesting and cordial manner.

The trick is, no party in the bargaining exercise wants to be cheated or exploited or, to put it in business parlance, to lose out. So while the seller descends slowly, the buyer also ascends gradually, each using witty language until the two reach a common price.

Bargaining, as stated, can be exciting and friendly to the extent that it cements a bond between the two parties who begin to enjoy the services of each other.

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“The cat says if I fall for you and you fall for me, it is a play,” according to an Ibo proverb. That sums up the spirit of bargaining.

Bargaining can also turn acrimonious if the parties are not accommodating or see each other’s o

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