Two telenovelas to debut on StarTimes

BY: Kweku Zurek
Two telenovelas to debut on StarTimes

Digital television operator StarTimes is set to premiere two telenovelas on the channel ST Novela E plus from July 21, 2020.

The first titled To Die for Love is an Indian hit which will air from 5:50 pm, while the other starts at 6:40 pm titled Bolivar and based on the story of a local hero in Latin America. Both novelas will be on from Monday to Sunday, an episode each day.

“We understand that our audience, especially the fans of telenovelas, hope to enjoy the rich varieties in selections. Thus the two classic dramas are set to air simultaneously. They are quite different from each other, the puzzle factor of To Die for Love and the historical factor of Bolivar will get audience glued to the TV every night,” Mr Felix Ahonzo, the C.O.O of StarTimes Ghana said.

To Die for Love

To Die for Love tells a story about an ordinary woman’s twisted destiny after her encounter with a dangerous man.

The heroine, Aarohi's life seems to be a simple one of familial love. But her sinister life is about to receive a jolt in the form of Deep Raichand, a business tycoon who has fallen madly in love with her.

She had a perfect life, the perfect man but little did she know that she was walking into the perfect trap.

What is Aarohi's secret? What happens when the man she loves turns out to be a genius manipulator?


Bolivar is a 2019 biographical drama series about the rise of Venezuelan liberator Simon Bolivar (1783-1830).

It depicts the life of this Venezuelan General who led the secession of a group of South American countries from the Spanish Empire in the early 19th century.

The show is made up of 69 episodes that document the events of Bolívar's life from the age of seven until his death, primarily focusing on his formation and his love life.