Rapper Guru chides colleague musicians saying they're hypocrites

Our musicians are hypocrites - Guru

RAPPER Guru is known for his bluntness when it comes to issues concerning the music industry; he and other players in the industry have for years talked about a lack of unity which is impeding their progress. 

And now he is talking about how unhelpful and hypocritical his colleagues are.

According to him, every artiste claimed he/she didn’t have it easy at the start of his/her career but not many of them went back to their roots to help others who were struggling.

“In Ghana when you make it, it is just about you and your efforts because most of us don’t really care about the next person. We pretend we love each other when there is an issue but truth be told, we are not.

“When a musician wins an award or lands a big collaboration, we only send congratulatory messages but most of them don’t even come deep from our hearts. We are just hypocrites pretending to love one another,” he told Graphic Showbiz recently.

Guru, sharing a sentiment expressed by other artistes, said Nigerians were always good at helping their brothers and that was the reason why they always went higher.

“Check how many unground artistes get featured by these big musicians. If you are not popular or no one knows you, forget about a collaboration with a bigger musician in Ghana. It is only when that big musician needs something from a smaller artiste that he/she will consider doing something with him/her,” he said.
Speaking on what he had been up to musically, Guru, who has been off the scene for a while now, said he was planning something big.

“There comes a time when you need to go back to the drawing board and do your homework and come back strong. When you do one particular thing over the years, Ghanaians automatically become fed up with you so a musician has to be innovative,” he said.

In spite of the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic across the world, Ghana included, Guru said there was some good in it as it had made artistes very creative.

“To every bad thing there is a positive side. I never knew artistes could be this creative and organise their own virtual concerts which all became successful. I have come to respect all the artistes who put up successful shows,” he explained.

Guru, real name Maradona Yeboah Adjei, came to public attention he featured on Obrafour's song Kasiebo. Since then he has released hit songs such as Lapaz Toyota, Amen, Azonto Boys, Abena, Nkwada Nkwada and Alkayida (Boys Abre).

Despite receiving several nominations at various awards schemes including the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA), Guru, who is respected as a good lyricist, has never won an award and he has over the years castigated the organisers, Charterhouse.

In 2017, Guru pulled out of the VGMA but rescinded his decision after thrashing things out with Charterhouse.

Last weekend, after Kuami Eugene was crowned the Artiste of the Year at the 21st edition of the VGMA, Guru tweeted that the awards scheme will only be credible the day he wins Artiste of the Year.

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