It's not wrong for gospel artistes to work for awards  - KobbySalm
It's not wrong for gospel artistes to work for awards - KobbySalm

It's not wrong for gospel artistes to work for awards - KobbySalm

It is easy for gospel artistes to write off the ambition of winning awards, with a belief that their reward is in heaven.

For those who buy into the “heaven is the goal” agenda, winning awards is just an earthly requirement and not a measure of their impact.

However, gospel singer KobbySalm disagrees with the notion that his colleagues shouldn't target awards.

Speaking on Graphic Showbiz’s Twitter(X) Dialogue Series recently, KobbySalm explained that gospel artistes work very hard, just as much as their secular colleagues, and duly deserve every recognition and awards due them.

He noted that the primary goal of gospel music is to convey profound spiritual messages. However, it is not out of place for them to desire recognition and awards for their efforts.

“I want to categorically state that deep within us, a part of us craves the laurels, awards, and nominations that often accompany our creative endeavours.

“In as much as we are driven by our commitment to sharing the gospel through our songs, it is also important to acknowledge that, on some level, we do indeed harbour a yearning for recognition,” he said.

In his view, awards do not only validate the hard work and commitment of gospel musicians but boost their work.

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Recounting a personal experience, KobbySalm, who is known for songs such as Today Today, God Dey, Suicidal and Twale, narrated how he put in extensive efforts to secure a nomination, eagerly anticipating the possibility of winning an award in a particular year. However, his hopes were dashed when all his efforts were not recognised by the various awards schemes in the year under review.

He said the failed expectations took a mental toll on him, forcing him to take a break.

“I experienced a period of disappointment when I did not get the recognition I had hoped for, leading me to temporarily withhold the release of new songs.

“At some point, I felt I worked so hard and deserved an award I had been nominated for. When I didn't get that recognition, it was a bit depressing for me to the point that I stopped releasing songs.

“Anybody will wonder why that should have affected me but it did because I know just how much work my team and I put in that year, only for me to miss out on an award.

“All these can mentally affect you as an artiste, whether you are a gospel or secular artiste, and I went through that," he said.


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