Give Gospel artistes a break—KobbySalm

BY: Delali Sika
KobbySalmcondemns on high expectations of Gospel artistes
Gospel artiste, KobbySalm

BY virtue of where they find themselves, Gospel artistes are held to higher morality codes than others in the entertainment industry.

Something a secular artiste, actress or anyone else will get away with cannot be the case for a Gospel artiste because they are often held to exacting standards.

Fast rising Contemporary Gospel artiste KobbySalm is concerned about the way things are and has told Graphic Showbiz that people expect too much from them.

According to him, the criticism is too much and it is not healthy for any artiste who finds him or herself in the Gospel fraternity.

“In about five years of doing Gospel music, I can hit my chest and say that people’s expectation of us is too much. It is like we are not human, but we are and we all fall short.

"Once you do Gospel music, you are not expected to speak your mind; the moment you do that, people will start pointing fingers at you.

“They will question why you did that and will tell you that as a Gospel musician, you should not do this, you should not do that. They should give us a break. They should go easy on us.

"It feels like there is a particular standard set for you and if you are unable to meet it, it becomes a different issue, which should not be the case. First and foremost, we are humans before Gospel artistes,” he stated.

He also noted that such things put a lot of pressure on them.

“These things put us through a lot; sometimes it gets us into places that we never want to be. People should just allow us to be. Let us do what we are set out to do,” he said.

KobbySalm, however, clarified that they were not above criticisms. “This is not to say we are above reproach. Of course not. When we go wrong, we should be brought back to the right path but too much of it is also bad; it also doesn’t help,” he explained.

Turning to the music industry, the Twale singer said it was nonexistent.

“I really have nothing to describe because for me there is no music industry. Things are such that it is difficult for underground artistes to ‘blow’. It takes a lot and the Grace factor to be able to rise and be noticed.

“ I wish something can be done about it. Honestly, it is part of the reasons I feel we do not have an industry. Apart from that, there are no structures in place either,” he indicated.

Speaking on the Gospel industry, KobbySalm said: “We are doing well, we are trying our best to churn out great songs and win souls for Christ and for that I’m happy.

"It didn’t used to be like this but now you will see a lot of people putting in work to make things right. Our music videos are in proper shape, the majority of us have our own annual shows, etc. We are doing well.”

KobbySalm started doing Gospel music about six years ago. Before then, the graduate of the African University College of Communication had a stint with secular music.