I evangelized to Ebony about Jesus Christ - Dr Lawrence Tetteh

BY: Kweku Zurek
Dr Lawrence Tetteh and Ebony Reigns

Economist and international evangelist, Dr Lawrence Tetteh says he took the opportunity to preach to sensational songstress Ebony Reigns about Jesus Christ when he met her four days ago.

The dancehall artiste passed away after an accident at Mankranso in the Ahafo Ano South district of Ashanti late Thursday night which claimed two other lives.
According to Dr Tetteh whose picture with Ebony went viral days ago on Instagram, he also advised her to dress well on her planned travel to Hungary for an upcoming show.
Dr Tetteh who is still struggling to come to terms with the death of the singer said he met her only once and was looking forward to more opportunities to evangelize to her.
"That was the only time, in fact I have not seen her since, this picture was only four days ago... It's very sad,"  the Founding President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach said in an interview with Joy FM.
"I witnessed, spoke to her about Christ, I am an evangelist, I am a man of God and anybody who wants to get close to me, that's first thing I will issue to them as a man of God.
"And of course, the reason why I will embrace her and let her feel comfortable, it's just the opportunity to speak to her about Christ and so that I didn't miss that opportunity at all.
"That is why she refers to me as daddy, because I spoke to her like my daugheter and of course she is the age of my children".
"So I have witnessed to her, spoke to her and prayed with her and its very sad to hear that she didn't  get the chance to follow up, I think she was very touched".
He also revealed that, the Hungarian ambassador who was present during their interaction was very touched about their discussion.
Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng (born 16 February 1997 – 9 February 2018; known by the stage name Ebony Reigns) was a Ghanaian dancehall/Afrobeats artist widely known for her hit songs "Poison" and "Kupe". She was discovered by Bullet, a member of Ruff n Smooth fame.