Give us quality movies to replace telenovelas—Adwoa Yeboah Adjei

BY: Jayne Buckman-Owoo
Adwoa Yeboah Adjei talks about telenovelas
Radio and TV Personality, Adwoa Yeboah Adjei

TELENOVELAS taking over content on our television stations has been a problem to many Ghanaians with some even calling for a complete ban of these soap operas.

While many Ghanaians do not approve that they take over our content and blame them on the collapse of our movie industry, TV presenter and radio newscaster at Despite Media, Adwoa Yeboah Adjei believes telenovelas can only be eliminated if film makers provide Ghanaians with quality movies.

“We show them because we don’t have competing content to take over the telenovelas. I believe if we have good content on our screens, Ghanaians will not be interested in telenovelas.

"As it stands now, we have no option than to show them because our consumers like them,” she told Graphic Showbiz in an interview recently.

To Adwoa Yeboah Adjei who is the host of Laws of Love, a telenovela on UTV, why would TV stations continue showing telenovelas if their consumers are not interested in them?

“I host the discussion segment of telenovelas and the feedback we get is simply amazing. Our viewers cherish the discussion segment because it helps them understand the telenovelas better.

"Again, even though they are foreign, the storylines are often times relatable so our viewers can relate to them,” she said.

Adwoa Yeboah Adjei who has been working for Peace FM for the past 23 years said her work can be challenging especially waking up at dawn.

“Waking up every dawn at 3.30am is one of the biggest headaches of the week. You barely have time for your family. You get home and your children are asleep and you wake up at dawn to come to work.

“Sometimes, I tell myself that if I don’t have time for my children now, what will happen when they grow up and get married? I would have lost them for good,” she lamented.

According to Adwoa Yeboah Adjei, when she started working at Peace FM, she was single so it was not too challenging for her.

Adwoa Yeboah Adjei

"But since I got married and had children, it has not been easy combining my media and other works to taking care of my family but I am managing it quite well,” she said.

“It was especially hectic when I used to co-host Agro with David Dontoh, we used to travel across the country and it was not easy at all but we survived through it all and here we are today.”

A typical day in her life starts at 3.30 am when she wakes up, “I quickly prepare for the office where I go to the wardrobe to get what to wear for the day and also get my make-up done. I then head to the studios and the day’s work begins,” she explained.

Adwoa Yeboah Adjei presents Heritage Ghana and telenovelas on UTV and is also a veteran newscaster on Peace FM.

“On Heritage Ghana, we tackle issues concerning our traditions and culture and we go the length and breadth of the country to showcase our rich culture and traditions.

Adwoa Yeboah Adjei commended her female colleagues in the media saying they are really doing a good job.

“Now the ladies have the courage to even host political programmes and that is a big plus, back in the day, women were limited to programmes on entertainment and social issues.

“The media itself is a male dominated area but I can confidently say that we are now rubbing shoulders with the men and some of us are even doing better than them. We ought to be commended because we are doing a great job,” she stated.

Aside her media job, Adwoa Yeboah Adjei deals in apparels for chiefs and queenmothers, “I sell everything a chief or queenmothers needs to dress up from head to toe including the stools they sit on depending on their pedigree.

“You know I am well versed when it comes to our traditions and culture so people recommend me to newly installed chiefs and queenmothers and they come to me for advice on how to appear in state and it is always such a pleasure serving them because they always leave with smiles on their faces,” she said.

“I have two shops both named Awo Fa, one located at Peace FM and the other at the Ofankor Barrier and we have everything tradition, just name it. By the kind grace of God, the two shops are both doing well and I am so grateful to God,” she said.

She also leads a Kete and Adowa group whichperforms at funerals, weddings, engagements, parties and other events.

Her parents are Kwasi Adjei and Ellen Effa Mireku. She comes from Kwahu-Abetfi in the Eastern Region but was born and bred in Kumasi for which reason she really knows the Ashanti culture.

Adwoa Yeboah Adjei is married to Kofi Owusu Acheaw and they have been blessed with three boys and a girl.

Her hobbies are singing, dancing, swimming and watching movies and her favourite food is rice and light soup. Her best colour is royal blue but she says she loves colours in general especially hot colours.

Advising up and coming media personalities especially young women who look up to her, Adwoa Yeboah Adjei said, “Media work is a very good job, there is a lot respect attached to it, of course there is money but not that much.

"It is a lot of hard work, you have to be humble and learn from people everyday.

“If you are in a hurry for fame, you will mess up because you will be doing all the wrong things just to be famous but with patience and hard work, you will certainly get there,” she concluded.