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Female attention is great but I’m grounded says Kuami Eugene

Author: Delali Sika
Kuami Eugene
Kuami Eugene

Many a showbiz career has often been derailed by a woman or women and there are ample examples of this. This may be why often the advice from older players in showbiz to young ones has to do with being cautious about groupies.

However, for Lynx Entertainment act, Kuami Eugene, he enjoys the attention he gets from the ladies. In his own words, no day passes by without some of his numerous fans calling or sending messages asking to be more than that.

“ I do not have a problem with that at all; in fact, I am happy anytime a female fan says that. I would say 30 percent of my fans are men and the remaining 70 are women so it is normal,” he said in a chat with Showbiz.

“Some call and they go like, I like you, I admire you, can we date, can I be your woman, can we go out etc and it’s nice to know people feel that way about me,” he continued.

The 20-year-old expressed confidence that all the attention he is receiving will not distract him from his promising career.

“The point is, I am more than focused on my career than anything in this world. Thanks be to God, I have been well received and it only means I have set a standard for myself that I need to stick to so the attention I am enjoying will not hurt a hair on my skin, after all it comes with the job”, he added.

He is set to become even more attractive to the girls though as he reveals he is single. “I am not ready to date now. The ladies are there but that doesn’t mean I should follow them just because they express interest me. Can you imagine how I will look like if I had been sleeping with all these girls?,” he asked.

Fans, whether female or male can make or unmake an artiste and that is why Kuami Eugene says he let’s the girls down gently.

“Mind you, they are still your fans and you need them to grow in the business so being rude to them is not an option. I just thank them for expressing interest in me and urge them to extend their love to my music and patronising my shows instead. Without the fans we are nothing,” he said.

On Wednesday, Kuami Eugene will release a new video for his single, Angela, which features Priscialla Opoku Agyeman aka Ahuofe Patri. He gushes about it saying it will blow the minds of Ghanaians.

“Angela is a song about love, understanding and communication. The need for partners to fight to be with each other no matter what and the need to appreciate the sacrifices partners make in relationships.”

Born Eugene Marfo, the talented musician rose to fame as a participant on MTN Hitmaker – Season 5 last year. Since being signed on to Lynx Entertainment, he has released a number of songs including Hiribaba, Boom Bang Bang, Fadama Boy and Ebeyeyie.