Former beauty queen kicked out of home for turning it into drugs and sex den


A former beauty queen contestant has been evicted from her home following a spectacular fall from grace into prostitution and drugs.

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Natalie Gentle, 33, allowed her property to become a 'hub' for sex workers and dealing Class A drugs to fund her heroin habit, a court heard.

The 2007 Face of Plymouth contestant was given just one hour to clear the property of her belongings after the court hearing on Friday.

Magistrates ordered the property in Ernesettle, Plymouth, be closed down for three months following a joint legal action by the council, police and Plymouth Community homes.

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Neighbouring families complained about constant noise and anti-social behaviour, with men knocking on doors and shouting through letter boxes asking "where the prostitute is".

Prosecutor Dylan Sadler told Gentle: "You are a prostitute, men visit that premises as you offer that service and you use this to finance a heroin habit.

"You are fully aware that dealing drugs goes on from your premises and it causes immense problems for people living around you."

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She denied ever engaging in prostitution or drug dealing and claimed she has been clean for more than two years.

But Mr Sadler told Plymouth Magistrates' Court: "Ms Gentle is lying, from start to finish it's a lie. She seeks to blame anyone but herself.

"She blames the council, she blames her neighbours, she blames the police. She is incapable of facing up to the problems she causes.

"If you close this premises down, all those problems will cease because she will not be there.

"You would be giving these people their lives back. They can let their children out in the street, they won't have people banging on their doors asking where the prostitute is.

"You will be releasing them into normality, that's the gift you have today."

Gentle was arrested in August this year when she was found to be carrying a wrap of drugs and later pleaded guilty to possession.

Police raided her home and found items such as a pipe, tin foil and a knife, which were presented as evidence.

The magistrates ruled there were reasonable grounds to believe that the flat was being used for the production of Class A drugs.

They also said that her actions caused "disorder or serious disturbance" to neighbours.

After the magistrates handed down their ruling, Gentle turned to the public gallery and launched into a tirade at the police officers, PCSOs and council staff who had brought the case.

As she left she said: "l've got nothing to lose now."