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Let’s show interest in NCCE

BY: Daily Graphic

Since its establishment some 25 years ago, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has been very relevant in the governance process of the country.

As a government agency mandated primarily to educate and encourage the public to defend the Constitution at all times and against all forms of abuse and violation, it continues to play its roles quite well in the governance process.

The work of the commission becomes even more pronounced particularly during national elections.

Despite some concerns about its effectiveness, as well as logistical and financial challenges, it is the view of the Daily Graphic that the commission deserves to be supported by all stakeholders to enable it to discharge its constitutional responsibilities without any fear or favour. It calls for all hands on deck to strengthen the NCCE as a body.

It is, therefore, gratifying to note that at the launch of an inter-university quiz/debate on the 1992 Constitution dubbed: “University Civic Challenge,” in Accra last Wednesday, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo gave the assurance that the government would resource the commission to play its role effectively.

At the same ceremony, the President also advised the NCCE to shed any perception that it operated as an appendage of any political party.

“It is important for its credibility, in fulfilling its mandate, that the Commission sheds any lingering perception that it works as an appendage of any particular political party. Its loyalties have to be to the Constitution of the Republic and the good people of Ghana, not any party,” the President admonished.

These assurances and words of advice from the President are very timely and the NCCE has no choice but to reciprocate the gesture with good performance.

Over the years, the NCCE has been perceived by a section of the society to be non-performing and has come under some criticisms. In the light of that, the commission can only work extra hard to enhance its image as a constitutionally mandated body.

In so doing, the commission must place premium on loyalty to the constitution and the people of Ghana far above any other consideration.

The disclosure by the President of an appreciable increase in the budgetary allocation of the commission in the 2017 budget must spur the workers of the state agency on to greater heights to achieve the mandate of the commission.

The Daily Graphic has the conviction that the NCCE has the ability to deliver on its core mandate and it dare not fail the nation.

The NCCE, as a body, must never be seen to be partisan in its deliberations and must endeavour to remain neutral at all times.

While much is expected from the commission, the citizenry as key stakeholders must also show active interest in the work of the institution and support it to succeed.

After all, it is in the collective interest of citizens to be interested in the fundamental law of the land, and speak to issues regarding human rights and civic responsibilities.