Crack the whip on criminals

BY: Arku Jasmine

Some deviants in the country are trying to create a state of insecurity among the populace.

These deviants include armed robbers, pickpockets and political hoodlums who attack their ‘prey’ without provocation.

The other day, criminal groups, some armed to the teeth, wanted to cause fear and panic in Accra, but the security agencies acted with dispatch to smoke them out of their hideouts.

Unable to find breathing space in Accra, these armed gangs took their nefarious activities to the highways where they terrorised travellers, especially traders whom they suspected to be carrying huge amounts of money to purchase goods and food items.

Here again, the security agencies tried all kinds of strategies to break the back of those criminal rings by mounting roadblocks and going on patrols.

No matter the attempt by the criminal gangs to create insecurity in the country, the security apparatus has stepped up its game with the provision of logistics by the gove