Now is the hour to stop illegal mining

BY: Arku Jasmine

Yesterday, the government took certain actions, including the inauguration of an inter-ministerial committee, to deal with the menace of illegal mining in the country.

Illegal mining has taken a serious national dimension, threatening to degrade our environment and destroy our water bodies.

It is regrettable that as a people we look on in helpless amazement as a group of individuals causes destruction to the vegetation and throw peasant farmers out of business.

Many things, including the unplanned development of structures all over the country, the menace of galamsey operations and the activities of land guards, if not brought under control very soon, will combine to stall our development efforts.

Few years ago, galamsey operations were limited to the use of very basic implements such as shovels, axes and mattocks, but now the operators have adopted advanced technology, such as the use of  excavators to mine precious metals and stones.

Many of the pe