Resume Nkrumah-Egala-Limann tradition unity talks - UNF

BY: Emmanuel Adu-Gyamerah

A Brong Ahafo based pressure group, United Nkrumaist Front (UNF) has called members of the Nkrumah-Egala-Limann tradition to resume unity talks in order to be the “third force” to save the country from the hands of NPP and NDC.

The group challenged Nkrumaists to learn a lesson from the present unity in Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition and organise the Nkrumah-Egala-Limann tradition in order for it not to fade away.

“We reminiscence what the current Speaker of Parliament, Professor Mike Oquaye said that "Nkrumaist should go and build their house" and called for immediate talks and unity to enable all members of the tradition to return to their root."

A press release signed by the Secretary of the group, Mr Michael Aboagye Nketiah appealed to leaders of the various Nkrumaist parties to come together to unite to become the ‘third force’ in Ghana since no single Nkrumaist party could win an election in the country.

The UNF called on various leaders of the Nkrumaist parties to put their selfishness, egos and differences aside and unite unconditionally since Nkrumaists at the grassroots were yearning for unity.

“We remind the National Chairman of the CPP, Prof Edmund Delle that he has the opportunity to unite the various Nkrumaist parties since posterity would not forgive all the various leaders if they failed to do so.

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