‘Upgrade these police property’

BY: Naa Fofo Oye
Mr David Asante-Apeatu -IGP
Mr David Asante-Apeatu- IGP

The  area around  Morning Star  and the Josef Broz Titoe Avenue has been  transformed  with  the construction of  high rise  apartments, ultra modern office complexes, a new mosque  and  the  widening of the road. 

A lot of businesses, including banks, have also relocated to the Cantonments area and more  construction activities are ongoing.
 However, the  Cantonments Police Station  is still housed in a tiny  little bungalow, which  leaves much to be desired.

The structure needs an upgrade  to meet the security needs of  the increasing population and businesses around  Cantonments, Labone and  adjoining communities and  also fit into the new look of the vicinity.

The current housing of the police station  is  not the best.

  Hopefully there are plans to  upgrade this station as well as the likes of  the Osu Police Station to meet the changing needs of law enforcement and security

 And while at it,  Mr IGP,  the dilapidated   wooden  structure located   right at  the  entrance of the second turn  towards the Barracks from the  Cantonments Police Station  is a an eye sore,  and as such must  be removed immediately.    

 Residents of the barracks must  also be encouraged to take part in the monthly  clean up exercise  to get rid of the plastic waste  in and around their environs.

Let’s lead the crusade to keep our environs clean.
 Naa Fofo Oye, Osu.