New Year messages from Lady Pastors

BY: Charles Andoh
Rev. Mrs Rita Korankye-Ankrah (Royal House Chapel International)
Rev. Mrs Rita Korankye-Ankrah (Royal House Chapel International)

The year 2018 has not been easy for a lot of people. Many lost their jobs and investments in the aftermath of the banking crises and other socio-economic factors.

Many people have little or no hope in what 2019 will offer.

 In the midst of this hopelessness, however, there is hope in the almighty God.

In 2019, all our faith and hope must be placed in God, for He is the only one who is able to turn impossible situations around in our favour. In trusting God, we must not murmur or complain. Shift your focus from how difficult the situation is to the life-changing power of God.

Let the words of your mouth through positive declarations reflect your faith. Keep your hope alive because God is about to do something big in your life that will settle you forever.

Seek God’s direction on His purpose for your life and realign yourself to that purpose through obedience.

Above all, thank God for all His blessings in 2018. Your spirit and attitude of appreciation and gratitude will make a way for greater blessings in your life.

As we begin a New Year, our primary responsibility as Christians is to love God and to love our brethren as ourselves. This is the true Christian life which distinguishes us from others.

Responsibilities of citizens

Nation building is not a single man’s business. We must all work together to make Ghana the kind of country we all wish for.

All the developed countries that we admire today were not built by individuals, but by the collective efforts of all concerned.

As citizens, we can support the development agenda through simple but practical ways such as paying our taxes, obeying the law, keeping our environment clean, and holding leaders accountable through approved means. With a positive attitude and a well-developed sense of duty, we can achieve much in this country, with God being our helper.

Role of leaders

Fundamentally, our leaders must serve with a spirit of accountability to the citizenry. More importantly, they are accountable to God, the one who placed them in office and who sees what humans do not see. When you have that consciousness that God sees and knows all that you do, you will tell yourself that whether in public or in secret, you will order your steps accordingly.

Our leaders must give heed to the issues and concerns of the ordinary citizen. The basic things that everyone needs are good healthcare, food, shelter, education, employment, security, among others.

With these as the developmental framework, we will have a people centred approach to development that will greatly benefit the citizenry.

I pray that this season will occasion a release of joy and peace into every home, and may the grace and love of God abide with us always. Amen.

Lady Rev. Perpetual Ampomah-Boateng (Vice President- Global Peace Christian Centre)

In 2019, Ghanaians must work harder to increase productivity. This cannot be achieved if the citizens are not disciplined. We must make conscious effort to keep our environment clean to reduce outbreak of diseases such as cholera.

Ghana is a great nation. We must, therefore, focus on helping build it to make it strong.

While thanking God for the continuous peace in Ghana, it is our fervent prayer that 2019 will be more peaceful and brighter economically far better than 2018.

We also hope that there be more jobs created for the youth as well as increase in the gross domestic (GDP) rate.

We pray for more wisdom, insight, and understanding for our leaders for a better Ghana.

We are moving forward with a higher momentum in 2019. God bless Ghana.

As Christians, we must worship God in spirit and in truth as John 4:24 admonishes us to do.

Pastor Ajowa Yeboah Otuo Serebour (New Hope Universal Church)

We thank God for helping us go through 2018 successfully. As Christians, we believe that 2019 will be better than the previous year.

Let’s stay focused and pray without ceasing for our children and Ghana. Above all, we must continue to work harder since that is the only means through which we can increase productivity.

We at New Hope Universal Church wish all Ghanaians a happy New Year. May this year be more prosperous for everyone.