VAG to build military veteran centres

BY: Prince Acquah
Mr Benjamin Anim, General Manager, Genelec Infrastructure Development Services explain some contents of the project to some veterans. Picture: NII MARTEY M. BOTCHWAY
Mr Benjamin Anim, General Manager, Genelec Infrastructure Development Services explain some contents of the project to some veterans. Picture: NII MARTEY M. BOTCHWAY

The Veterans Administration, Ghana (VAG) has launched a project to build military veteran centres in all 16 regions of the country.

The project is aimed at appreciating and recognising the efforts of veterans and helping to raise their standards of living.

The facilities, when completed, will include wellness centres, restaurants, cinemas and shops for commercial activities to help attend to health needs and wellbeing of the veterans.


The project was unveiled yesterday in Accra at a launch and fundraising campaign over breakfast.

It was characterised by music and dance and a health screening, particularly to screen the veterans for prostate anomalies.

The VAG is embarking on this project in partnership with Forces Help Ghana (FHG), a United Kingdom (UK) based non-governmental organisation (NGO) which provides support for Ghanaian veterans; Innova DDB Ghana, an advertising company, and Genelec Infrastructure Development Services (GIDS), a developer.

It is also supported by the Graphic Communications Group Limited, Blue Skies, EIB Network, Starter Pack, Pokuaah’s Cooking Pot, among others.

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In an interview with the Daily Graphic, the Executive Director of VAG, Capt. Ben Edmund Duah (retd), said the reason for the fundraising was to raise the awareness that there were people who were prepared to die for the peace and freedom of the country.

“The Ghanaian veteran put his life down for the country and is prepared to go to battle irrespective of who he is defending.

Once he is defending his nation, he is prepared to die for the country. So after they have done that, be prepared to sacrifice a little for his comfort in his old age,” he said.

He added that the group was not requesting much from Ghanaians but to make veterans feel appreciated, recognised and happy with themselves.

“For example the person who jumps every day from the parachute is affected in his old age.

At that point, you need the nation to show that it cares about him.

But if he is left uncared for, it brings back the pain and it is very sad,” Capt. Duah said.

He observed that veterans in other countries were made to pay half of their transportation fares and given some other special treatments contrary to what pertained in the country currently.

“These little things give the person the pride and honour to say at the end of the day that, I did not suffer in vain.

But if you are ignored, as it pertains in this country, the person regrets laying down his life for the country,” Capt. Duah stated.

He added that the campaign would run until there were enough funds to complete the project so that the veterans from those regions could enjoy the facilities.


For his part, the co-founder of FHG, Mr Derrick Cobbinah, stressed the importance to understand and appreciate the efforts and challenges of security agencies in the country.

He reiterated his commitment to push the cause of VAG in improving the livelihood of veterans in the country.

“We will continue to find ways to support them.

We encourage all other social organisations to help push this noble cause,” Mr Cobbinah said.