Ghanaian enterprises urges to focus on improving customer experience

BY: Edward Acquah
Ms Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene
Ms Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene

The Customer Experience Professionals Ghana (CXP Ghana) has urged state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to deliver exceptional customer experiences to enable them to become competitive and contribute effectively to the development of the economy.

The association said likewise other organisations in the private sector, SOEs must cultivate a mindset, philosophy, and cultural identity that would empower the organisation to serve customers in the best way possible.

Speaking to journalists at the launch of the CXP Ghana in Accra on Friday, October 8, 2021, the President of the association, Ms Esther Dokuwaa Ofosuhene urged SOEs to adopt innovative ways to reach out to their customers.

“How do you receive your customers? As a state-owned institution, are you training your people very well to manage customers? Are you giving customers the information they need? These are the little things state-owned institutions can do to improve customer experience.

“You don’t need to invest a lot in systems. Just training and a little innovation to make yourself available to customers in times of need are the most important things SOEs need to focus on to improve their service delivery,” she said.

Be customer-oriented

Addressing participants at the event, Ms Ofosuhene urged organisations to be customer-oriented, stressing that the perception people hold had become the most crucial decision-maker for consumers.

She encouraged organisations to be mindful that customers today have different needs and expectations and develop products and services that would respond to the needs of the customer.

“The customer focus must become an organisational discipline and not a department,” she said, adding that “You need to design products and services that your customers actually want to use.”

CXP Ghana

Founded in 2020 as a community on social media, the CXP Ghana is a professional association and governing body created to represent customer experience professionals in Ghana.

Ms Ofosuhene said the customer experience industry in Ghana had reached the point where it required a unified, informed, and collective voice to guide its evolution, hence the formation of the association.

“The CXP Ghana professional body provides legitimacy for the profession of Customer Experience in Ghana, as well as support for all levels of CX professionals with the intent on improving the experience of the customer,” she said.

Demand for best services

In a separate interview at the event, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School, Dr Kobby Mensah urged the citizenry to speak out and demand for better services from their service providers to help improve the quality of services rendered.

“We must continuously complain if the services we are getting are not the best. Sometimes the organisation may not know, so it is only when we complain that they would become aware and improve their services,” he said.