Asomdwee Park in ruins

BY: Ken Osei Mintah

Ghana’s first presidential mausoleum, the Asomdwee Park, and burial ground of the late President John Evans Atta Mills, is in disarray.

Checks by the Daily Graphic showed that the park was no longer secure as the centre’s security had been breached and no longer held firmly together.

The condition of the late President’s tomb is nothing to write home about as some parts of the fencing protecting it have broken down.

Meanwhile, Tuesday, July 24, 2018 will mark the sixth anniversary of the death of Prof. Mills.

Security threats

Security sources told the Daily Graphic that the present state of the mausoleum was such that animals such as cattle invaded the grounds to munch on the grass and left their excreta behind and that gave the place an uncharacteristic blemish.

According to the sources, protecting the place was becoming difficult since the numerical strength of the guards stationed to provide security was not enough to halt intruders.

“The security manning the mausoleum come in a team of three guards and go on rotation on daily basis,” the sources said.

The park is also now a place for relaxation for hawkers and trespassers.

Vendors wander about the place selling all manner of merchandise to vagrants who also come there to rest their feet.

The sources say because security has been breached in places around the mausoleum, people found alternative routes into the grounds without going through the main gate and as a result went round the security personnel.

“Even when they are sacked go and come back again,” the source said.


A close inspection by the Daily Graphic also revealed that the tomb of the third President of the Fourth Republic was in an unpleasant condition even though it was maintained just about a year ago.

The tomb, which is exposed to the vagaries of the weather, has had its metallic cover developing grim cracks.

Meanwhile, monoliths raised a few metres away from the tomb to hold busts of subsequent deceased presidents were either broken or out of position.

While some monoliths were dispositioned, others were completely broken down. 

Sex Hub

A building meant for a library at the park had been left abandoned following the demise of President Atta Mills.

The facility, located opposite the tomb to provide knowledge on the rich Ghanaian culture, according to the security sources, had been converted into a brothel.

They revealed that people came from far and near to use the abandoned building for sexual immorality.

“The guards come to meet condoms lying all over the place every day. Sometimes,  they catch people red-handed having sex here and they  drive them away.  The young and old all come here to do their things and they  do not even know where they come from,” the security sources said.

To confirm, the Daily Graphic went to the building only to be greeted by the sight of a completely naked young man believed to be in his mid-20s who was just about to take his bath behind the building.

In the abandoned structure were empty packs of cigarettes, pieces of used toilet roll and human excrement in all the rooms in the building while spirogyra and weeds were also on the walls and other spaces in the building. 

Shoulders of the road in front of the park had been turned into a washing bay.

The Daily Graphic observed a taxi driver bringing his vehicle to be washed.


The Daily Graphic sources  told the paper that government had released funds to keep the place in good shape prior to the sixth anniversary of the death of President John Evans Atta Mills.

“About two weeks ago, the government deployed artisans, including welders, electricians and carpenters, here to take inventory of the place.

“Funds have  been released to keep the place in good condition for the sixth anniversary which would be held here,” the source said.

The facility, with a geese and fish pond, ostriches, guinea fowls and rabbit farms, could pass as a beautiful recreational centres in the sub-region if it is well kept.