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Mon, Sep

It’s not easy to love a person like you

Not easy to love a person like you

Folks, don't imagine that you are better or perfect, merely because the one you are in a relationship with is not complaining about your excesses as much as you do about his/hers.

He/she may just have found a reason and way to love and still love you despite your flaws. You should be thankful. Find a reason and a way to love and still love... It will make you more understanding and accommodate.

Make no mistakes about it: It's not easy to be in a relationship with a person like you... So while you are wishing the other person would change, deal with your own issues too.

There is no relationship without challenges. What you need is not to wish you are not in one (except if it is ungodly)... What you need is the wisdom and courage to deal with the challenges peculiar to yours. 

Who says love is a smooth ride? No matter how much you and your partner have in common, and no matter how well you two know each other, if you have never wished you could insult the living daylight out of him/her; reject his/her call and not bother; ignore them for a few days and still be happy with yourself... Then one of you is either pretending or one of you has an upper hand in the relationship. It's definitely not a balanced relationship...

Anytime the flaws of the one you love bring out the worst in you, it is a reminder, and you must be reminded, that you are as fallible as the one who you begrudge, as weak as the one you oppose, and as guilty as the one who you are bitter against.

But as we are patient with our loved ones and their flaws, we find ourselves learning lessons which help us become better people ourselves. We become more understanding, friendlier, more supportive, and indeed, more accommodating. When we transcend into this level of reality, loving becomes easy and much more selfless.

Sometimes, it's not about the flaws our partners are dealing with, but about our impatience with them whenever those flaws manifest. No one does or should approve of imperfection, but we can learn to love an imperfect thing in a very perfect way, realising that no one is entirely weak, just as none of us is entirely strong.

There is no one without a weakness or a flaw to deal with, even you. Love might not have it all and neither do you. There are always two options: understand the implications of being in the kind of relationship you are in, and make the amount of sacrifice necessary to sustain your relationship.

You can also choose to run away, and believe me, once you do, you will always encounter a circumstance that will keep you running.

To love and be loved is a choice. It will have consequences. And you hold on to love, not so that people do not tell you "we told you so"; You hold on because you made a choice worth believing in.