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Let’s reshape Ghanaian politics with integrity

Let’s reshape Ghanaian politics with integrity

I have long hoped for an improvement in Ghanaian politics, envisioning robust debates, government accountability and constructive criticism leveraging each other's shortcomings.


However, today, we witness individuals exploiting the anonymity of the internet to propagate a malicious political agenda, potentially dissuading women from participating in politics.

Recently, there was deplorable political banter focusing on a "politician's marriage to another person's son," disparaging women based solely on their marital status and spreading rumours about personal relationships for political gain.

It's disheartening to see esteemed political communicators, including professors and lawyers, engage in such behaviour, seemingly to protect their patrons. While some of us opt out of politics for personal reasons, it's concerning to observe those expected to uphold higher standards indulge in dirty tactics.

As another political cycle approaches, the temptation for mudslinging intensifies. Let's strive for integrity and civility.

Let's make a positive impact; after all, politics isn't inherently tarnished. 

Bimpong, Tema

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