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20 Things every girl does but will never admit

20 Things every girl does but will never admit

You Instagram all your meals, tweet every rando thought that crosses your mind, and make all your relationships Facebook offish. But no matter how much you share on social media, there are just some things you do that you won't admit to that everyone still knows you do.


But don't worry, no one else is admitting to them either. Here are just some of the embarassing things everyone does but will never admit to.

1. Pick your nose.

2. Facebook stalk your crush, your ex, your BFF, people you don't knowbasicallyeveryone.

3. Ugly cry when you're by yourself...for no particular reason.

4. Practice important conversations in the mirror.

5. Creep on someone you don't know that well on social media, and then when you actually meet them/hang out with them, pretend you don't know everything about them already.

6. Turn down the volume on your headphones to eavesdrop on convos.

7. Wear the same outfit two days in a row when you know you won't see the same people.

8. Click "View As" on Facebook to see what your profile looks like to your crush.

9. Spend at 20 minutes figuring out which pose looks best before posting to your Insta.

10. Grab something up off the floor and if it passes the sniff test (translation: doesn't smell), wear it.

11. Make up plans so you can stay home and binge-watch Netflix.

12. Finish an entire bag of cookies in one sitting.

13. "Accidentally" snap chat your crush and say it was "for a friend".

14. Google the lyrics to a new song so next time it comes on, you can amaze your friends with your skillz.

15. Act like you're stretching so you can secretly sniff your armpits to make sure they don't stink.

16. Pretend to text while you secretly take a million selfies.

17. Edit your text approximately 1,000 times before sending it to your crush.

18. Sleep with a night light because you're totally still afraid of the dark.

19. Act like you haven't done everything on this list.

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