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5 keys to living fulfilled life

5 keys to living fulfilled life

There are times when we find our lives stagnant and filled with uncertainty about the future. Many of us have a desire to do something greater with ourselves but are not quite sure about where to start, let alone know how to get ourselves in a place of “living a fulfilled life.”


In Adam Braun’s book, The Promise of A Pencil: How An Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change, he states, “Set out to live a fulfilling life by embracing your passion: to change the world for the better.” With that being said, I’d like to share some thoughts from a coaching programme I facilitate entitled, “The five keys to living a fulfilled life.”

Discover and live your life

In order to “change the world for the better,” it will be imperative to discover your specific purpose or passion. There is a timely reason for your creation and you must find out what it is. Once you discover your purpose, you will be moved to live it out loud on a daily basis.

Define your life’s mission statement

Your mission statement is the reason behind all of your actions to change the world. It should also help you understand why you connect with certain people, places and things.

Stop living in the past

In order to begin the healing process, you must first forgive your past mistakes. Start moving past all of the things you’ve done or have allowed to happen, which can cause you to remain static. 

Think about all of the people who have hurt you in some way and choose to forgive. Stop living in your past and learn how to embrace your present day. You cannot grow if you keep looking back to your past.

Learn your life lessons

When taking note of your experiences, ask yourself, “What are the life lessons I am supposed to learn?” As you begin to discover what those lessons are, start writing them down in a personal journal so that you can always go back to reflect on them.

Once you acknowledge those lessons, begin to apply them to your life and become a better person because of them!

Live your best life

Through the implementation of these keys, you can progress to an understanding and a new sense of awareness as to who you are and what your life is meant to be. 

As you embrace a new found self, you will begin to realise how you can be fulfilled once you begin applying these keys. When this happens, you can live a full life by making a difference and changing the world for the better.

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