He wakes me up to send me

Dear Aunty Betty, There is an old man in my house who always sends me even when I  don’t feel well.

Sometimes when I am asleep, he tells my brother to come and wake me up so he can send me. This has been going on for sometime now. I want to tell him I don’t like that but I can’t.
What should I do?
 Jessica, Accra.



Dear Jessica,
The old man may be sending you on errands because he finds it difficult to do things for himself.
I suggest you go on the errands wholeheartedly because there is blessing in helping people in need, especially the elderly.

I am sure you have heard about the saying that ‘no man is an island.’ It simply means human beings necessarily depend on one another and that no one is self-sufficient because everyone relies on the other. This goes without saying that you might not know when you will also need the old man’s help.

Jessica, it is a blessing to help people in need. It should make you happy that you are in the position to assist someone in need, unless your mother tells you otherwise.

I hope your parents are aware that you have been running errands for the old man. If they are aware, then let them know where he sends you to and for what anytime he sends you so that he does not take undue advantage of you.

If they are not aware, let them know. I am sure they will tell you what to do.


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