At the induction
At the induction

Calvary Methodist Church fills to capacity - For induction of MOBA Ebusuapanyin Moses Baiden and executive

In my memory, not since the convergence at the forecourt of the Accra National Theatre (May 8, 2008) have there been such a large MOBA  turnout in Accra as this year’s induction of Ebusuapanyin Moses Baiden and his new executive. 


Describing that previous event, I wrote, “It was insightful watching from the reception area, the old boys tackling the stairs, trickling in, one by one. Bonded by a neural network of sentiments, they embraced one another with nick-names. Before long the trickle had turned into a stream.

By the time the program began, the area was flooded from one end of the hall to the other. The numbers didn’t seem a simple matter of conscious, individual choices but one of a mass gravitational pull.” 

MOBA National

Be they business entities, charities, social systems, or even close-knit families – organisations thrive depending on the inherent quality of teamwork. Conversely, groups fall from the lack of commitment or inability to make things happen. Alas, aren’t progressive achievements what great schools nurture in their wards besides the academics?

How many times have we not seen people gather and sift for the loftiest ideas or hail the best of intentions but flounder in the implementation stage! The examples tend to be all around us – both in personal, community, or national terms.

For that matter, our MOBA fraternity is indeed blessed to have had over the years committed people who did cast themselves in leadership roles to define objectives and meet the integral challenges head on.

 I tend to be reminded of headmaster Joseph Abruquah – in the 1960s - who asserted in our time the imperative of finishing a race once you started it.

Mfantsipim was born a true pacesetter where a key responsibility was to showcase practical love for the alma mater for younger schools to emulate. We can’t help but be trailblazers counting from as far back as 1876.

The very first MOBA Ebusuapanyin was James V. L. Philips (Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources / Industries and Ghana Industrial Holdings). He was followed by Enoch D. Kom Esq (Barrister & Solicitor, The Supreme Court of Ghana); Dr. Francis A. Poku (Dental Surgeon, Poku Memorial Dental Clinic); Capt (Rtd) Paul Forjoe (Pilot, Managing Director - GH Operations, Mere Plantations); and now Moses Kwesi Baiden Jr (Lawyer, Chairman & CEO Margins ID Group).

Declaration by Bishop Boafo

It was quite emotional observing the essence of this particular moment: “On this day, Sunday, the 28th day of April 2024, I, the Most Rev. Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo, Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church, Ghana, and Chairman of the Board of Mfantsipim School, hereby declare the newly elected members of the National Executives Committee of the Mfantsipim Old Boys Association (MOBA) duly inducted.”

Today we are witnessing MOBA once again continuing as trendsetters by ushering in a new generation of thought leaders. As noted by outgoing Ebusuapanyin, Capt (Rtd) Paul Forjoe: “Despite the work that has been done in past years, until we take the school back, Mfantsipim will continue to need substantial transformation of its infrastructure, its administrative processes and its funding arrangements.”

Such occasions presented themselves for a spiritual pause: to ponder our genesis by celebrating the lives of the bold souls on whose torsos the pillars of our humble beginnings were erected: Rev Thomas Birch Freeman (the father of Methodism in Ghana), Rev James Picot, John Mensah Sarbah, J.E. Casely-Hayford, F. Egyir Asaam, Rev W.T. Balmer, Rev A.A. Sneath, Rev R.A. Lockhart, Francis L. Bartels, Rev W.G.M. Brandful, J.W. Abruquah, O.K. Monney, and others. If they could only see us now!

Goodwill messages

“As they step into the seat of executive office, we urge the incoming team to serve with humility and unwavering commitment - the hallmarks of true inspirational leadership. Always remember the words of your own Rev. Lockhart, "the spirit of service, courage, standing up for one's convictions, loyalty, integrity and dedicated patriotism" as being some of the values that Mfantsipim stands for.” [Wesley Girls High School]

“We will continue to be your very noisy neighbours. We look forward to fruitful, progressive and congenial interactions that will inure to the benefit of our two associations and our two great schools in the future.” [Adisadel Old Boys’ Association]

“With our first gentleman being a MOBA and your Deputy Ebusuapanyin being our husband, the association between the two institutions is sealed and unbreakable. We look forward to spicing it up by engaging in collaborative activities.” [St Mary’s Old Girls’ Association]

The new Ebusuapanyin

Over the course of his career, Moses Baiden and his business team have consistently demonstrated the competence of local capacity and the ability to trade and compete on an international scale.

He is committed to changing Africa's current status quo through the implementation of various technologies and digitalisation. Moses has been honoured by multiple institutions for his leadership, innovation and immense contribution to the technology industry in Africa.

 He remains in constant pursuit of unique and exciting opportunities in the advancing field of technology and is committed to the Margins ID Group's vision to be Global leaders in identification, Data Systems, Transactions and Solutions.

Despite his numerous achievements, Moses remains deeply committed to exploring new horizons and seizing unique opportunities in the ever-evolving field of technology.  He served as President of MOBA Class of 1983, and as the Deputy Headboy during his time in Mfantsipim.

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