Enhancing security and efficiency in Ghanaian courts
Enhancing security and efficiency in Ghanaian courts

Enhancing security and efficiency in Ghanaian courts

In response to rising concerns about security and efficiency within Ghanaian courts, the government should mandate the implementation of a comprehensive plan to improve security and expedite case processing. 


Alongside the proposed CCTV surveillance system aimed at safeguarding court premises and protecting all stakeholders, additional measures must be taken to modernize court infrastructure and address the needs of court users.

The proposed CCTV surveillance system will provide real-time monitoring of courtrooms, entrances, and public areas, deterring potential threats and bolstering overall security. HD cameras equipped with advanced features such as motion detection and night vision will be installed to enable effective monitoring and response to suspicious activities.

Moreover, modernization efforts will extend to establishing support infrastructure, including mental health and medical centres, to address the needs of court users. Additionally, modernized holding facilities equipped with modern amenities will ensure the safe and humane detention of individuals awaiting trial or serving sentences.

To further streamline administrative processes and improve service delivery, a centralized database system will be implemented within the judiciary service in Ghana. This system will allow for efficient management and storage of case records, facilitating easy access and retrieval of information for all stakeholders involved in the judicial process.

Inculcating designated parking sections for lawyers and citizens, alongside providing police patrol cubicles or security booths furnished for both law enforcement personnel and court attendees, is crucial. Furthermore, ensuring the availability of essential washroom facilities is paramount.

These initiatives are not mere requests but essential directives for the government. They represent proactive steps toward fostering a conducive environment for justice delivery, upholding principles of fairness and efficiency within the Ghanaian judicial system. By affirming its commitment to the protection and well-being of all stakeholders involved, the government reinforces its duty to fortify the integrity and accessibility of Ghanaian courts.

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