Wood pallets create employment for the youth

BY: Lydia Ezit
Mr Clifford Afadi Tetteh (right) with a client at work
Mr Clifford Afadi Tetteh (right) with a client at work

Wood pallet designs, particularly shelves, are becoming a trend that beautifies our homes and offices.

Others are kitchen cabinets, beds, centrepieces, porch swings, benches and wardrobes carved out of fine wood.

These items in modern homes are motivated by the fact that wood pallets are used in lots of Do-It-Yourself, by following some instructions to obtain simple but clean designs for any room.

Outdoor Pallet furniture

Wood pallets typically consist of three or four stringers that support several deck boards, on top of which goods are placed.

In recent times, a lot of young people have tapped into this skill, creating employment for themselves by trying their hands on gorgeous furniture ideas and tutorials available on YouTube.

A young graduate making a difference in the industry is Mr Clifford Afadi Tetteh, who has taken the initiative to create sterling designs by capitalising on social media feedback.

Pallet couch

He admitted that social media offered him a great percentage of his works.

Mr Tetteh has distinguished himself as a wood pallet maker with a passion for designs, bringing new dynamics into the field.

In an interview with The Mirror, Mr Tetteh says he sees social media as a means to promote entrepreneurship.

His advocacy on that media has made him a “pallet wood persinality.”

He does a lot of research to stay ahead of the competition in that industry and showcases his works on Facebook, gives advice and encourages people to cultivate the habit of making use of wood artefacts such as plates or cutlery in their homes.

Some pallet designs for a sitting room

Occasionally, he gives tips on his journey, explaining to The Mirror that it is not always about the money but rather his passion.

“It is not really about the money, it is about satisfaction because when I see the finished product I become very happy. I have no education in woodwork. Eighty per cent of my designs are made out of reading on woodworks. I use my lunchtime to research and figure out how things are done. I am on various platforms of woodwork, whenever I am challenged, l go on these platforms to ask questions, they have been helpful,” he said.

Pallet car shed

Trading on the business name, Pallet Woodworks, which is situated at Kwashieman in Accra, Mr Tetteh disclosed that he does some of his works with three carpenters and in the event where he was unable to carve a particular design, he sends them to the timber market to seek the services of those with that speciality.

A kitchen design

Mr Tetteh says he is happy working in the woodwork industry because the feedback on the job has been encouraging, adding that “I normally work with pallets. I also work with pine wood, Wawa, teak, cedar and walnut. They are readily available”.

Mr Clifford Afadi Tetteh

He was thankful to his team and urged the youth who have an interest in the job to be sure of what they want to do by researching.

Mr Tetteh has a Master’s Degree in Public Relations and a degree in Business Administration.