I love my small size – Eli Kharis

BY: Delali Sika
Eli Kharis
Eli Kharis

People who are short or vertically challenged as we like to say and petite often face a lot of teasing for their size and in certain situations, they are not even given the respect they deserve.

For some, their confidence level can take a hit but that’s not so for GHOne presenter, Eli Kharis, who has embraced her stature and sees it more as an asset than a liability.

“I used to be a little intimidated and self-conscious about my size, especially in senior high school when I was the Entertainment Prefect and guys who came searching for me were expecting to see a big girl instead of a petite girl.

“But now I'm not bothered. I just love the compliments from people about how I look younger than my age as well as the kind of effort I put in my work,” the host of Buzz on Rhythms Live told Showbiz in a chat.

“The interesting part of all this is that, I get messages from girls with my body type telling me how I have helped them become confident about their bodies,” she added.

That is not to say she hasn’t had her own challenges as she says she there were a few instances where her size indirectly prevented her from being given bigger projects.

“Throughout the journey so far, yes, I’ve had that a few times but trust me I am never moved, I still go for it. People measure knowledge or dedication to work by body sizes, which I think is very unfair, we should all be given equal opportunities no matter our size,” she said.

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With her size, being bullied by some of the guests she interviews is a very real possibility but Eli Kharis insists that won’t happen.

“Bully? I'd never allow that no matter what the person looks like. I think sometimes people misinterpret polite/respectful gestures as you being intimidated but no. Then there is the impression of you being feeble when you’re smaller but that is not the case with me,” she said.

Eli Kharis, born Elinam Amenyo, started TV professionally in 2016 and has hosted a lot of red carpet events including Glitz Africa, the 2017 VGMAs, Ophelia Crossland Swavroski Expose among others and although she may be enjoying success now, she tells Showbiz, there have been tough moments.

“To be honest, the journey hasn't been easy but that doesn't discourage me at all, trust me, it rather pushes me to do more, because I believe they are just phases to equip me for greatness. My mum always says every successful person today never had it easy, they faced the unexpected one way or the other in life and that keeps me going, she told Showbiz.

Eli Kharis describes herself as very outgoing,” but I’m a puzzle to figure out unless you get close enough. I’m also a free-spirited person with a positive outlook on life despite difficult situations and trying to make the most of it.”

The product of Mfantsiman Girls Secondary School and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology also hosts Let’s Go Shopping on GHOne.