Reggie Rockstone finds Sarkodie’s ‘twin brother’

BY: Bridget Aazore Yuora
Sarkodie and his Look-like
Sarkodie and his Look-like

Some believe that God created every person and his or her look-like in this world.

For instance, Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie's look-like has popped up on social media and his fans can’t believe their eyes.

The God father of rap music in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone, out of surprise posted on Instagram a picture of a young man who looks just like Sarkodie.

It will take only a few to distinguish between Sarkodie and that young man especially when their photos are placed side by side.

That young man has Sarkodie’s hairstyle, same beard and above all, similar shades like that of Sarkodie.

However, some followers of Sarkodie were able to find out one distinguishing feature between the two, which is Sarkodie’s accident mark on his forehead.

Ewusi and Mz_pokuwaa noted the resemblance and said the only difference between the two was a mark on Sarkodie’s forehead which was missing on his fan:

lixx_ewusi_kwami: “Wow only thing missing is the accident mark on @sarkodie forehead @reggierockstone711.”

Mz_pokuwaa: he does’t have that mark Sark’s got on his forehead @reggierockstone711.”

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