Editor's Lens: Voices of celebrities matter on national issues
Stonebwoy was at #OccupyJubileehouse” demonstration last month.

Editor's Lens: Voices of celebrities matter on national issues

The power and influence of celebrities cannot be denied thus their involvement in issues of national interest should be encouraged.

As citizens with a stake in the socio-economic landscape of Ghana, their voices matter. The persistent attempts to silence them on critical economic matters is not just unjust; it's detrimental to our democracy and progress as a nation.

Over the years, we have witnessed celebrities use their platforms for good—from charitable causes to advocacy for social change. It is only natural that they should extend their voices to national issues that affect us all.

Economic matters are not the exclusive domain of politicians and economists. They touch every aspect of our lives, from the cost of living to job opportunities, and even the availability of basic goods and services.

As public figures with huge platforms, celebs equally have firsthand experiences of the challenges and successes, and as such their insights and perspectives can bring fresh ideas and solutions to the table.

However, the penchant for attacking celebrities who boldly address political and national issues is very worrying.

The recent raid on UTV studios by a group of young men of a political party who interrupted the live broadcast of United Showbiz raises questions about whether creatives are banned from contributing to relevant national discourse.

Irrespective of one’s opinion about creatives and their power to confidently talk about issues of national interest, it must equally be noted that we are in an era of celebrity activism.

This phenomenon which is already useful in the developed countries empowers celebrities to be free to voice their opinions, adopt pet causes and policy initiatives without the fear of public backlash as has been the norm in Ghana.

Moving forward, Graphic Showbiz encourages an environment where celebrities feel empowered to express their views on critical economic matters without being victimised.

It’s important to engage in constructive dialogue since, just like any democracy, Ghana encourages the diversity of voices, a perspective which enrich our national discourse.

The growing use of social media has increased the power and influence of celebrities, helping them to reach a much wider audience. That is why they must not be gagged but encouraged to be part of relevant national conversations.

They can serve as potential partners for governments in delivering important social goals.

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