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Help make rollout of digital driver’s licence succeed

Author: Daily Graphic
Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority
Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority

Ghanaians will now start using new smart digital driver’s licences in a move aimed at instilling sanity on the roads.

The new digital card will fast-track the acquisition of new drivers’ licences, as applicants will now be able to obtain it within a period of two to four weeks.

The digital driver’s licence is part of the government’s target to remove the human interface from the process of issuing new licences and the move is expected to improve dwindling revenue from the DVLA.

The new driver’s licence will be fitted with electronic chips that will contain key details of drivers.

It is going to allow a driver’s profile to be created for every licence holder, a critical move that will profile a driver’s behaviour.

The new digital smart card is not easily forged and can properly identify the holders.

The smart driver’s licence has a contactless chip to promote good storage of bio-data and personal driver information.

The details will be held in electronic form, readable only by special devices, and will be difficult to tamper with or for fake identity.

Information carried by the smart card driver’s licence cannot be erased, which provides for a permanent audit trail.

It is for this reason that the Daily Graphic supports this new initiative by the government to roll out this project, so that it will prevent the issuance of fake registration certificates and bogus driver’s licences.

The digital ID will also include a barcode, much like the ones printed on our current licences, which will allow computers to run real-time checks of the information when scanned.

We are fully aware that fraudsters will attempt to take advantage of the new system to make some gains.

Others have warned that our details could be vulnerable to not just the bad intentions of those looking to steal them but also the prying eyes and curious minds of those to whom we are required to show them, such as police officers and other law enforcement persons.

But the assurance is that the data in the smart card the driver’s licence are stored in an optical strip that is designed to prevent unauthorised access and tampering with data.
But, like any new system, the initial introduction and implementation is normally fraught with problems and challenges and it will take time for the authorities to tighten the loose ends.

Even more important for us is the fact that the smart card driver’s licence is expected to positively impact on road safety, since the licence cannot be tampered with and all information will be recorded. It will also enhance efficiency in law enforcement.

This will bring sanity on the country’s roads and thus we call on all motorists and road users to help make the new digital smart driver’s licence a success.