Bolt enhances safety measures in Ghana with new trip monitoring features
Markus Villig – Bolt CEO

Bolt enhances safety measures in Ghana with new trip monitoring features

Bolt, the leading on-demand mobility platform in Africa, continues its steadfast commitment to safety with the introduction of two innovative safety features: Trip Monitoring and Driver Alerts.


These enhancements underscore Bolt's ongoing dedication to ensuring the safety and security of both drivers and passengers, further solidifying its position as a reliable transportation solution provider. 

The introduction of these cutting-edge safety features demonstrates Bolt's proactive approach to safety, leveraging advanced trip monitoring capabilities and insightful alerts to enhance the overall transportation experience.

The newly introduced safety features, Trip Monitoring and Driver Alerts, mark a significant advancement in Bolt's efforts to prioritize passenger and driver safety. With Trip Monitoring, Bolt takes a proactive stance by initiating in-app communication with passengers and drivers when a vehicle remains stationary for an extended period. This feature not only verifies the well-being of all parties involved but also facilitates quick access to emergency services or assistance if needed. Complementing this, the Driver Alerts feature empowers drivers with crucial information about upcoming trips, enabling them to make informed decisions, particularly in areas flagged for safety concerns. Together, these features epitomize Bolt's commitment to fostering a secure and dependable transportation ecosystem for all users.

Bolt aims to introduce additional trip safety monitoring features in the future, including route deviation and delayed ride completion. These enhancements are part of Bolt's ongoing investment in safety features on its platform, aimed at providing greater support for drivers and passengers while deterring improper behaviour.

Commenting on the rollout of the new safety features, Lola Masha, Regional Manager, North and West Africa at Bolt, stated: "At Bolt, safety is paramount, and we continuously strive to enhance the safety ecosystem of the Bolt app, ensuring that drivers and passengers have access to a high-quality ride-hailing experience. The introduction of new trip safety monitoring features and driver alerts represents the latest enhancements in our ongoing efforts to empower drivers and passengers to seek support whenever necessary."

In addition to the latest safety features, Bolt recently introduced other safety tools, including an audio trip recording feature that enables both drivers and passengers to initiate an audio recording of their trip within the Bolt app. Furthermore, Bolt implemented passenger verification, requiring passengers to take a selfie before placing a ride-hailing order, enhancing trust between drivers and passengers.

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