DOP Project Africa celebrates Ronaldo and Messi with a tribute song
DOP Project Africa celebrates Ronaldo and Messi with a tribute song

DOP Project Africa celebrates Ronaldo and Messi with a tribute song

International peace and development advocacy NGO, Development Opportunity and Peace (DOP Project Africa), has crafted a song to honor the accomplishments of football legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


A mid-tempo afro fusion of northern Ghana Sahelian African rhythm, interwoven with Frafra instrumentals, xylophone, and modern instruments, it encapsulates the iconic performances of the two players on the pitch.

The song, which serves as a tribute to the two players for their contributions to the sport, was released to herald the upcoming Global Peace Walk scheduled to take place in South Africa next year.

The walk, set to coincide with the Pan African Youth Summit in South Africa next year, is expected to witness the presence of both players.

Reverend Godwin Pongo Davids, the convener of DOP Project Africa, informed the Graphic Sports that creating a song for the two players was an effort to pique the interest of the youth in sports.

"Interest in the track will engage the youth in activism in areas such as good governance, development opportunities, and peace," he conveyed to the Graphic Sports.

He further mentioned that the danceable tune would be utilized as a dance challenge for the youth, with the potential to win attractive rewards in breakdancing.

"While millions of youth online have dedicated pages and accounts to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, most of these accounts are primarily focused on taking sides. We believe there should be genuine appreciation for both, and their passion to defend them at all costs can be channeled into promoting the ideals of DOP by celebrating them together," Reverend Davids explained.

He believes the song can unite fans and bring them together for the greater good of society.

About DOP Project:

The Development Opportunity and Peace (DOP) Project is an online activism movement that encourages youth on the continent to take an interest in good governance, development, adherence to democratic principles, creating opportunities for all, stability, and progress.

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