Arthur Wharton project launch tomorrow

BY: Daily Graphic
Arthur Wharton

The Arthur Wharton Foundation will launch the Arthur Wharton @ 150 birthday project at the residence of the British High Commissioner, Mr Jon Benjamin, at 5:30 p.m tomorrow.

The project is aimed at giving Ghanaians the privilege to know how helpful Arthur Wharton has been in promoting blacks in world football.

Wharton, who was the first recognised black man to play professional football, also has the record of being the first black sprinter.

Our job is to continue helping organisations like Football Unites, Racism Divides and the Arthur Wharton Foundation to educate the next generation about Arthur.

Wharton. As an association, we need to find ways of bringing black and Asian coaches through the ranks,” Kofi Bawuah, a representative from the foundation, explained in an interview with the Daily Graphic.

The Arthur Wharton @150 birthday project will seek in promoting Tolerance in football. The foundation would be implementing special signs in the game that would help eradicate racism and promote tolerance.

The project would also highlight the plan to build a heritage centre and a museum at James Town to create the platform for the youth to gain knowledge about Arthur Wharton and other old footballers.