FEATURE: Running at the speed of Light

BY: Frederick Yaw Oduro
Alice Annum- Former Ghanaian sprinter
Alice Annum- Former Ghanaian sprinter

The speed of light is three hundred thousand Kilometres per a second ;( 300,000km/s). I know people would be asking how possible this could be. Yes it is possible as a psycho-athletics training tool.

The mind is an awesome powerful source of energy to successfully drive our talents to immeasurable success. This is what I am shouting out on top of my voice to all sports men and women that the time of world acclaimed success is now.

Psycho-athletics training is an athletics training of added importance. It is based on the science that thoughts have biological and physiological effect. Thoughts have real physical impact. The word of God says it so simply; for as he thinks in his heart, so is he. (Proverbs 23: 7.)

In Ghana, sprints have brought us glory and good advertising.  Alice Anum and the Mike Ahey who have great advertising appeal and draw great masses.

That is how Usain Bolt has become a household name in the world even though there are many other athletic champions.

Psycho-athletics training is the opportunity to rocket power on sprinters to higher speed, to record shattering speed. This we can do right now.

Psycho-athletics training is the way.

The sequence of psycho-athletics training is THINK-TRAIN-THRIVE-THINK.

To run at the speed of light, the athlete should speak to himself or herself;

1. My personal speed is three hundred thousand kilometres per second. 300,000km/s.

The athlete then continues this in his or her heart without stopping. It would lead to biological and physiological impact in his body that affects his physical performance immensely. So before the physical training, the athlete has to repeat to him or herself.

My physical speed is 300,000km/s. This thinking when programmed into the athletes’ mind would cause biological and physiological impact that would give uncommon ability to the athlete’s performance.

The reality of science is to make us achieve more with less. So can psycho-athletics training completely transform our sporting achievements?

Psycho – athletics training is the science of ideas, methods, strategies and techniques that will completely transform our sporting achievements.

The Tokyo Olympics is a fine time to psycho – athletics training to push Ghana into world acclaimed glory. This is the time to unveil Ghana as an athletics success in the world.

Every sport must have a psycho – training time before the physical training.

Every sports person must have a psycho training time before every competition.

This is how we can harness the enormous power of the mind for our individual success and the success of our beloved nation Ghana.

Psycho – sports training will make you transcend your human physical limitations to achieve unimaginable success.