Kojo Bonsu gets support from NDC footsoldiers

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

They said having critically examined the Private and public lives of Mr Bonsu, they had no doubt in their minds that he was the right person for the KMA seat currently.

The group issued a statement to that effect after the Ashanti regional minister, Mr Eric Opoku had met them to explain the need  to respect the nomination since it was made solely by the President.

Last Tuesday, some foot soldiers drove the regional party executives from their offices at Asafo and locked the doors claiming that they influenced the nomination of Mr Bonsu.

It took the intervention of the regional minister, Mr Eric Opoku to calm down tempers.

After explaining matters to the group, they agreed to reopen the offices.

In their statement, the foot soldiers said Mr Bonsu was a true party man who had contributed his part to the vibrancy of the party.

As someone who has committed his energy and resources to the party, he deserved the position to which the President had nominated him.

The foot solders said they would work hard to ensure that Mr Bosnu received the approval for the assembly.

Beside that, everything that was needed to be done to ensure that he led the development of Kumasi successfully would be done by them.

They apologized to the nominee for any harm done his reputation through their act promising that would never happen again as he prepared to take up his seat at the KMA.

Story by Kwame Asare Boadu