Understanding the differences in suits

BY: Enoch Darfah Frimpong

Three piece vested suitToday, we would like to examine the differences in a tail coat suit, a business formal suit and a three piece vested suit.

A  tail coat suit

This type of suit is worn on occasions described on invitation card as a white-tie event. In other words, it falls into the white-tie dress code category.

A white-tie dress code is the highest form of dress code. It implies extreme formality and is worn at occasions such as a dinner at the state house, a wedding after 6 p.m., a dinner or function involving heads of states or diplomats or a very formal function.

For men, they will have to put on a full black tail coat, black trousers, a white waist coat, white bow tie and a white pique shirt without frills.

The gear is completed with a pair of black court shoes or oxford shoes and black silk socks.

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A business formal suit

This has a more formal outlook and is directed at creating a professional look in relation to the responsibility of an individual within a company or institution.

The idea is to present a business outlook, thereby lending credibility to the operations of a company within its business environment.   

Most employers, especially those in the business and service industry, expect their staff to groom themselves in this manner.

A business formal suit  should  include a formal business suit, in a solid conservative colour such as black, blue black or charcoal gray.

Pin striped suits are optional and the smaller pin stripes look much better on business suits.Tail coat suit

Most companies would insist on white or blue cotton shirts while others relax their restrictions. However, all shirts must be long sleeved.

Silk ties are preferable where possible, as long as the colour worn is not outlandish.

Shoes must be black or brown and should match your belt. Ensure that your shoes are well polished and look very neat.

Three-piece vested suit

This is  a more formal version of the business  suit. The three-piece vested suit has the tendency of overwhelming the wearer if the colour, style and cut are not symmetrical with the physic of the one wearing it.

Therefore, caution must be exercised in choosing to wear this particular type of suit.

The three-piece suit is best worn with the jacket, vest and trousers in the same material colour.

The vest can be worn alone with the trousers to create a casual look. They can be very useful during the cold weather when you want an extra layer of clothes to keep warm.

The vest is also useful in holding your necktie in place. Ensure that the length of the vest goes beyond the loops of your belted trouser for a well-dressed look.

Many thanks for reading and educating yourselves on the choices of suits out there.

Have a pleasant weekend.

By Emma Addo-Owusu / The Mirror / Ghana

The Writer is a Certified Image Consultant and Provides training in Personal Grooming and Business Etiquette. She also runs KOBADEM Boutique.

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