How to love your job again

BY: BBC, Capital

Do you dislike – maybe even hate – a job you once loved? It’s probable, based on statistics alone.

Around two thirds of people in careers across the spectrum, from factory workers to doctors and pilots, have reported a lack of engagement and a high level of dissatisfaction at work. The main reason? Many of us feel undervalued, spinning our wheels at work on too many meaningless projects at once, and rarely on things we enjoy.

But there’s good news. You can turn things around, and reverse the feelings of disenchantment and disillusion, as long as you’re willing to be proactive and make some changes. With a few careful steps, a bit of self-analysis, and tough talk with your boss, you can transform a job you despise into one that you love, or at the very least, can tolerate.

First, though, the facts.