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Daughter thou art lost!

Daughter thou art lost!

You are a woman, and you are not less human. A man may be the head but that doesn’t make you the matter just because you have a different gender.


Be loosed from the shackles of ill-confidence!

You are a woman, but you should not be used to abuse. You are a woman, but you should not be another’s punching bag because they gave you a ring. 

It is not ordinary to be the recipient of any form of abuse. You are a woman, but you’re, first of all, human. What every other human deserves, you deserve too. You should never be served with what others don’t deserve!  

You are a woman and can be as great as any man could ever be. Greatness is not gender bias. Greatness is not “for men only”. Though society may seem to relegate you to the kitchen, don’t let your gender be the reason you couldn’t climb any farther.  

Yes, you are a woman, but what a man has, you do have, too. The wits of a man are just as equal as yours. If you have brains just as anybody does, why should you allow society to needlessly put a glass ceiling on your dreams?

Ingenuity knows no sex. Life has space at the top for anyone who will dare to do more; man or woman. Emancipate yourself from gender slavery! 

You are a woman, and the top was made for you too. Your gender should be your least limiting factor. Never admit that you are too feeble to reach the top. Never conclude that a little achievement is just enough for you. 

Never allow society’s barriers to stand in your way. The greatest barriers are those built with the mind, not hands. The greatest of conquests, thus, begins in the mind. Win the mind war!

A woman you are but you should not permit culture to hold you down. Rise above every cultural boundary that puts a cap on your innate abilities. Regardless of how fiery the cultural discrimination may be, you would need to set your mind to achieve what you dream of.

What a man can achieve, you can equally do the same. You need to consciously free yourself from any mindset of lowliness.
You ought to soar above the winds of pessimism. If others could, so can you. It doesn’t matter how strong your opposition is.

What matters is how strong your will is. Womanhood is not a synonym for weakness. Your sex is not another name for non-achievement. You may look feeble on the outside, but deep on the inside is a solidly robust machinery that can’t even break down at the monthly shedding of blood.  

You are a woman, but you shouldn’t lower your standards to fit into society’s requirement of marriage. In all your advancements, advance your career. Be ambitiously progressive. Dream big and make our society better than you met it.

Dare to be a woman of purpose. Make efforts to become better each day. There’s everything wrong with a man who perceives your academic standing as a threat!

Becoming a woman of repute and substance should, at least, be on your bucket list. You are a woman but your place is necessarily not the bottom. Our world needs game changers like you to rewrite the narrative of where the place of a woman should be. 

Don’t fret when your sense of purpose scares a man away. Sooner or later, you may have drowned in their sense of pettiness.

Don’t let your vision go to let a man in. Daughter, be loosed from the fetters of mediocrity! 
You are a woman. You belong everywhere including the kitchen and boardroom. Your decision-making abilities are not limited to the kitchen. Your ingenuity to create is not limited to food. Your existence goes beyond just watching as great things happen in life.

You can create amazing products and services too. You can make far-reaching decisions that will greatly impact this generation and posterity. Be loosed from any kitchen mentality, daughter!

Be loosed from any philosophy that makes you admit you could have been better if you had another’s sex. You are a woman and you are not a mistake of a gender. Take every available opportunity and make the best out of it. You can only be better if you invest in who you are. 

You are no less human. You are nothing short of another being that can make this world a better place if you want to. Success comes to the man or woman who invites it. 

You can be more than a mother. Daughter, you can do more than just exist. You can dream of great things too. Your influence can go beyond your home too.

Don’t cower to the dictates of society that inhibit you from doing great things. Crash any glass ceiling society will dare put on you. 

As long as your mind could ever conceive it, you can achieve it. Life will remember you for how you stood out… not how you sat in.

Be inspired. Hone your talents and soar to the top. Being a woman shouldn’t make you a chicken when you can be an eagle. You are a woman and you can be anything you have ever wanted to be!

Don’t entertain inferiority. Don’t accommodate a complex that puts you in a box. The world is your laboratory. Experiment. The world is your playground. 

Let nothing hold you back. Lose yourself from any restriction. You are a woman, and your abilities, just like anybody’s, are limitless. Yes, you can, daughter!   

You are a woman, but you are not God’s inferior version of man. Femininity is not inferiority. Man, like every other creature, was created first. Woman, last. Remember the best wine is always served last. You’re the best. Flee from every shade of inferiority. Daughter, thou art lost!  

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, an Accra-based writing company that provides all writing services.

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