Purposeless lamentations hit a major roadblock!

BY: Sika Mintah Afari
how can someone who has never been President be the most abused or talked about person in the land?

The President at the weekend spoke directly to the major shareholders of the Lets Perpetually Bash The President Industry, and all hell broke loose. It is not as if the intelligent men and women card-bearing shareholders in this limited liability company expected President John Mahama not to respond to the tons of calumny heaped on his person, family and his party because he committed the cardinal sin of winning elections at the expense of their preferred choices, the fact of the matter is simply that the contrived astonishment is hollow and ridiculous.

It seems all online platforms and media outlets are agog with the few pointed remarks made by the President in riposte to the perpetual swansong of incompetence levelled at him at every turn by his peeved detractors.

There are a lot of our citizens who simply cannot accept the presidency of this fine gentleman for reasons which are difficult to share without shooting logic in the face.

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