University graduate transforms from Political Science to pursuing passion as a Mechanic
University graduate transforms from Political Science to pursuing passion as a Mechanic

University graduate transforms from Political Science to pursuing passion as a Mechanic

Luqman Abdul Mumin Dabone, a graduate of Political Science from the University of Ghana, has embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, shifting from his academic background to pursue his passion as an automotive mechanic.


His inspirational story which he shared on Facebook serves as a testament to the power of making life-changing decisions to follow one's dreams.

Having completed his Bachelor's degree in Political Science in 2021, Luqman's post-graduation experience was marked by a series of challenges and opportunities. 

He found himself seeking various avenues to stay productive and make the most of his time after completing his National Service. While some of these opportunities kept him occupied, they did not fulfil his aspirations.

The prospect of idleness weighed on Luqman, prompting him to consider a change in direction. He was determined to escape the comfort zone of being at home, where he felt unproductive. The pivotal question that constantly occupied his thoughts was, "Where do I want to see myself in the next 5 years?" This inquiry served as a catalyst for his journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Luqman's decision-making process was guided by two fundamental factors: the pursuit of a valuable skill and the chase of his passion. He engaged in deep contemplation, even experiencing sleepless nights, as he grappled with the desire for personal success. To find clarity, he surrendered his uncertainties to a higher power and sought divine guidance.

During this introspective period, a resounding idea took root in Luqman's mind: "learn a skill, just learn a skill." This notion became the cornerstone of his decision-making. However, selecting the right skill presented its own challenges. Initially, he explored soft skills, including information technology, but quickly realized that his heart was not fully invested in this pursuit.

It was the realm of hard skills that ultimately captured Luqman's attention, particularly his long-standing passion for automotive mechanics. Conversations with friends had previously revealed his inclination toward this field. Buoyed by this passion, he made a bold decision: he left his job as a secretary in a construction company to pursue his newfound calling.

With the support and agreement of his family, Luqman embarked on his journey towards becoming an automotive mechanic. He recounted the immense happiness and fulfilment he found in holding wrenches and working in the field. Each day brought him joy, as he pursued his passion wholeheartedly.

In closing, Luqman offered words of inspiration to readers: "Chase your passion and be consistent. Make that life-changing decision today to do what you love to do. Learn a skill no matter the field you find yourself. Don’t ever feel those you started with you are far ahead; success is like the sky, and everyone will have a space up there. Make sure you are doing what you enjoy best."

Luqman's transformational journey serves as a reminder that following one's passion and making bold decisions can lead to a life filled with happiness and fulfilment.

Read the entire Facebook post below;

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