Maulvi Dr Wahab Adam: A man of peace

Maulvi Dr Abdul Wahab Adam is gone to meet his maker but his memory will forever live with many Ghanaians, at least for one reason: his tireless efforts at promoting peace.


The demeanour, deeds and dress code of the late Ameer and Missionary in charge of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission, Ghana all promoted peace.

His smiles were always warm, even to the unknown; his language and engagement with people were intently receptive, and his immaculate and spotless white attire epitomised his peaceful nature.

As the leader of one of the prominent religious faiths in Ghana, Maulvi Dr Adam belonged to an elitist class in society but he did not clad himself in the aura of pride, superiority complex and other traits that are sometimes exhibited by people of such high status. 

He was simple and down-to-earth.

Work for peace

Maulvi Dr Adam led the Ahmadiyya Mission in Ghana for 40 years and for greater part of his stewardship he was in the frontline of the quest for national peace, justice and stability.

He played a key role in promoting peace and harmony among faith-based organisations in the country that ensured that in spite of religious differences, Ghana remains peaceful and united.

In recognition of his contribution to peace and harmony among faith-based organisations, the Christian Council of Ghana paid glowing tribute to him last Wednesday when he was laid in state at the Forecourt of the State House in Accra.

But many Ghanaians will remember him for the role he played in the country’s reconciliation efforts following his appointment as a member of the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) in 2002.

National Peace Council

After the work of the NRC, Maulvi Dr Adam continued his national service for peace when he was appointed a member of the National Peace Council (NPC).

As Vice-chair of the NPC, he and other members of the council toured the whole country, promoting peace, whether it was about politics or ethnic/communal/local conflict or conflict between mining communities and mining companies.

To a former member of the NPC, Prof Irene Odotei, Maulvi Dr Adam was a man who exuded peace, warmth, friendliness and modesty.

“He had a ready smile. Even when he criticised he chose his words well and you don’t get offended,” she said.

Prof Odotei said Maulvi also rose above religious, social and other barriers, adding that in spite of his status, he related very well with people and was ready to look at the bright side of life.

She said he was a very religious and God-fearing man “who convinces you that Islam is a religion of peace as he carried that message around”.

“He had quite a bit of philosophy in him and tried to explain why people behaved the way they did. I thought it was a privilege and honour to relate with someone like that,” she added.

Personal encounter

From a distance, listening to Maulvi Dr Adam on radio, watching him on television and reading him in the newspapers, I thought he was a very respectable man.

But at close range, working with him at the NPC for a few years, I knew he was a wonderful man.

He respected every human being and had a burning desire to see Ghana in peace, not in pieces.


Having led the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Ghana for four decades, Maulvi Dr Adam succeeded in putting the mission on the highest pedestal of national affairs.

He also superintended over many development projects embarked upon by the mission in the areas of education, health, social welfare. among others.


When Maulvi Dr Adam returned home last February, after a short stay in London on international duties at the headquarters of the International Ahmadiyya Community, I spoke with him twice: the first time was to welcome him back home and the second was to book an appointment with him for an interview on the occasion of his 40th anniversary as Ameer.

Circumstances did not allow the interview appointment to celebrate his stewardship to come off.

But as he embarked on the eternal journey to meet his maker, the footprints of Maulvi Dr Adam are bold for all to see and his handiwork will forever be celebrated.


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