Graphic Communications Group brings you National Travel, Tourism Month

BY: Bentifi's Tattle
It's an awareness campaign aimed at exposing retail, hospitality and tourism services

Are you into catering, I mean, food business? Or, retail, selling fabulous apparel and accessories you created yourself? Or, perhaps, you're into tours or events? Or, you know someone who is?

Listen, there's a new event in town which you just have to be a part of. You must be ready to reach new audiences, though. That should be on everyone's agenda, particularly in this difficult COVID times where the pandemic is wreaking havoc, and causing people to stay home.

Well, it's time to lift your game because it’s time to do Ghana! Yours truly, together with Graphic Communications Group Limited have teamed up and created an online travel exposition - as in, Expo - which will be spurring out a new Ghanaian experience. A fun buzz that gets everyone excited, dubbed the National Travel & Tourism Month.

It's an awareness campaign aimed at exposing retail, hospitality and tourism services businesses that are currently operating with distancing protocols. Yes! Shops and outlets with a value chain and employment that is 90 per cent Ghanaian in content, and from where you order stuff and have them delivered to you.

Because of the new dispensation, we will not be gathering anywhere during this expo. It will be entirely online only. Well, majority of it. We're looking to host a photo exhibition featuring the big dozens of travel photography in Ghana, yes, including Yaw Pare and Emmanuel Bobbie! There'll also be the very alternative look of Steve Ababio and Nana Kwadwo Duah. That should certainly be exciting!

Now, if you are in the travel industry - I bet you didn't think that retailing of apparel and accessories and artisanal and organic products, which of course are of residents skills, come under the tourism tag! Indeed, they do, because they affect the industry as, tourist shop when they visit a destination.

So, become a "locally made, locally loved" Partner Merchant in the National Travel & Tourism Month campaign. Enter by logging in at doghana.bentsifi.com and fill the form.
Oh, it takes place from July 15 - August 15, and in between will be the Shopping Circus, Street Food Festival and a

'Be a Tourist in your own Backyard' days which will see lots of tour operators offering responsibly planned excursions. Do take time out to join us and let's get our lives back slowly.

Ghana's domestic tourism is alive, and kicking, and powered by Graphic Traveller, we will take over the internet, as we bring this new online travel expo to a discerning community waiting to enjoy Ghana made products, services and experiences!

A signature event of the Do Ghana domestic tourism movement, our supporters are many, including Asaase 99.5fm, VoyagesAfriq, Roam Ghana, Afrjourneys, Sunseekers Tours and WangoWango.

Let's get our hospitality industry back on its feet!